6 Reasons to Trust the Process

Those of us who like to move through our to-do lists as quickly and efficiently possible often see process as a series of “speed bumps”.   (You Type A’s know who are you are!) We know we need it it but it feels like it will slow us down.

As executives, in the nonprofit, public or private sectors, you are focused on hitting annual revenue goals, developing your team, serving your customers/constituents and managing work and cash flows.   Planning processes, whether it be strategic planning or the design of a new Corporate Community Engagement program, take time and extra resources you don’t think you have or would rather deploy elsewhere.

However, when done well, process can accelerate your ability to hit your short-term goals and fuel long-term growth.

Due East’s processes are “forward-leaning.”  Meaning, beyond gathering valuable input and insights from key constituents, including current and potential partners and funders (public and private), decision makers, and opinion leaders, we help clients create meaningful engagement and build consensus before their plan is completed, making the transition to implementation seamless and immediate.

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