Get on the Path to Growth (90 Minutes)

July 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019 all-day
Anytime via Webinar

Get on the Path to Growth: Master the 5 Drivers for Growing and Sustaining Mission-Driven Organizations 

With speakers Bess Langbein and Lauren Maddox 

Ever wonder how certain organizations seem to attract all the big donors and grants?  What’s the secret to their success and how do they sustain it year after year?  Ironically, it’s not all about fundraising.  In fact, too narrow of a focus on raising money can jeopardize long-term relationships and sustained growth. Using Due East’s 5 Drivers of Growth and Sustainability, participants will learn how to unlock the keys to mission-driven success. Vision, leadership, organization, visibility and constituency are the drivers that every organization needs to spark growth and build sustainable momentum. This practical, intuitive framework has been proven to work for scores of nonprofit organizations with annual budgets ranging from $100K to $100 million. Learn how to use the 5 Drivers to sustain your mission over time and leave with practical tools to put your organization on the path to growth in 2019. You’ll walk away knowing the leaders, advocates, donors and volunteers that can get you there.

Who should watch? 

  • CEOs and Executive Directors
  • Development Directors/Officers
  • Anyone looking to sustainably grow their nonprofit
  • What you’ll learn? 

    • A proven framework for organizational growth and sustainability
    • What constituency is and why it matters
    • How to engage your ideal donor and other key constituents
    • Recruiting effective board and volunteer champions to build visibility for your cause

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