Secure Legacies, Sustain Missions (90 Minutes)

July 1, 2019 – December 4, 2019 all-day
Anytime via Webinar

Secure Legacies and Sustain Missions: Start Building a Successful Planned Giving Program

With speakers Lisa Hillman and Margo Cook

One of the most important parts of a successful nonprofit’s fundraising strategy is a strong planned giving program. However, it often gets forgotten, overlooked, or pushed aside. The reasons for this range from lack of information, fear of lack of technical knowledge, some misconceptions, and the fact that sometimes the urgent need for “immediate cash” overshadows the devotion to securing future income strategically. But a focus on immediate cash giving alone is a narrow view that can create the feeling of a hamster stuck in a wheel – always running to catch the next dollar without an opportunity to pause to build up some sustainable funding. This is where planned giving truly shines, and can create opportunities for current & future growth in various ways.

Using Due East’s expertise, participants will learn how to build a successful program from scratch, how to access the resources to make it easily sustainable, and how to ensure long-term sustainability of their organization as a result. This session will provide you with easy-to-start steps (regardless of budget constraints), general planned giving education and background, successful stewardship and cultivation tactics to implement immediately, and a game plan for how you can move forward for your organization. It will also include a case study format to showcase real-life examples and success stories.

Who should watch? 

    • CEOs and Executive Directors
    • Development Directors/Officers
    • Anyone looking to sustainably grow their nonprofit

What you’ll learn? 

      • A proven framework for a planned giving program with easy-to-start steps
      • How to determine your best prospects and how to engage them
      • General planned giving education – types of gifts and how they are best used
      • Successful stewardship and cultivation tactics to implement immediately

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