Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.)


C.A.S.E. is a leading nonprofit provider of pre- and post-adoption support, directly serving more than 6,000 counseling clients to date through five offices in the Washington, D.C. metro area. The organization strives to serve all families regardless of their ability to pay.

C.A.S.E. provides the specialized counseling, training, and education that helps adoptive and foster families succeed and children thrive. Beyond adoptive and foster families, C.A.S.E. also provides resources for the professionals who support them. Through national programs, they have trained over 7,000 mental health professionals and child welfare workers in 21 states, expanding the use of best practices, and raising national awareness and understanding of the unique issues associated with adoption and foster care.

The Process

Due East has become a trusted partner to C.A.S.E. and has provided holistic services to advance the organization’s growth and sustainability over the last few years. In 2017, after embarking on an initial Growth Capacity Assessment, Due East partnered with C.A.S.E. to develop a strategic roadmap and refresh the organization’s 5-year strategic plan. In 2018, the partnership continued as Due East provided support in business planning, with a focus on expanding fundraising, fee-based trainings and other revenue-generating products to raise more flexible, unrestricted dollars.

In celebration of C.A.S.E.’s 20-year anniversary in 2018, Due East helped C.A.S.E. design and launch its “Growing Together” campaign to expand access to specialized mental health services for the adoption and foster care community. In 2019, Due East continues to advise C.A.S.E. on board leadership and governance.

The Results

The “Growing Together” campaign, through which C.A.S.E. aims to raise $5 million by the end of 2020, has already raised $2.6 million in gifts and pledges to date including:

  • $1,182,520 Endowment
  • $1,075,000 Planned Gifts
  • $368,923 Growth Capital
  • 24 Significant Commitments from Board and Campaign Committee Members
  • 13 Commitments from Staff members and several other friends of C.A.S.E.
  • $5M

    The amount C.A.S.E. will raise by 2020 through their “Growing Together” Campaign

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