The Partnership for Children, Youth and Families


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s strategic goal of putting struggling families on a path to economic stability and opportunity focuses on four populations:

Disconnected Youth

Hungry Children

Homeless Youth

Families Impacted by Incarceration

To develop new strategies for these populations, The Governor’s Office of Children (GOC) made funding available to all 24 counties, competitively awarded using a 100-point scale to rate the effectiveness of planning, programs and services, and results achieved. The challenge was to integrate the State’s new focus and requirements into a robust and cohesive plan uniquely built to address critical community needs.

“Due East was a masterful partner in strategizing and planning each constituent meeting. Paying attention to the roles of board members, staff and community leaders contribute to our success.”

Alli Holstrom

Partnership for Children, Youth and Families, Compliance Director

The Process

Due East designed and facilitated a collaborative planning process that addressed the State’s goals and would yield lasting impact. We trained the PCYF’s staff and board in collective impact principles and techniques, assisted in creating a Guiding Coalition to coordinate leadership and decision-making, conducted focus groups and interviews with constituents, analyzed data, and led the co-creation of a common agenda.

The Results

A three-year community plan that united and inspired partners from diverse sectors of the community to work collaboratively and advance the common agenda. The Community Plan is a written commitment by grassroots organizers, community leaders and engaged citizens to improve the lives and futures of Anne Arundel County’s most vulnerable children and families through joint efforts, coordinated resources and shared accountability for results.


perfect score + $2.3 million awarded by State of Maryland for the Partnership’s Community Plan

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