The Fort Meade Alliance Foundation (FMAF)


The Fort Meade Alliance Foundation (FMAF) was founded in 2011 by the Fort Meade Alliance to manage charitable initiatives that support the Fort Meade installation (located in Anne Arundel, MD) military personnel and their families, civilians and the broader Fort Meade Community. Critical services for our men and women in uniform, and their families can at times go unfunded. This is where organizations like the FMAF step in to fill the gaps.

In recent years, Fort Meade has posted higher rates of chronic disease, behavioral health disorders and substance abuse than other U.S. Army installations. Driven by its Board of Directors and input from former Garrison leadership, the FMAF envisioned a state-of-the-art building with programming that would better address and provide solutions for a wide range of mental health and education needs. Among these were suicide and substance abuse, continuing education and workforce development. The organization set out on a capital campaign with the goal to fund a new Resiliency and Education Center at Fort Meade focused on emotional, physical, social, spiritual health and family strength.

The Process

The FMAF partnered with Due East Partners beginning in 2015 to build the organization’s infrastructure, develop a local constituency of volunteers, donors and advocates to support its mission, and then began to design and manage a capital campaign, with a goal to raise $3.6 Million.

The Results

With support from Due East, the FMAF embarked on an unprecedented initiative to fund this project. The FMAF increased its donor base by 102% from 2017 to 2018 and raised $3.6 million during an 18-month active fundraising period. The campaign, which finished $5,000 over and ahead of its goal, revealed the power of reaching out to community leaders and garnering their support. Political, corporate and philanthropic leaders in the community were involved from the beginning as part of the planning and preparation and their level of giving can be correlated to their level of engagement. The leadership of the Ft. Meade Alliance Foundation continues to work to strengthen current programming and broaden their reach to the enlisted, civilians and families who bravely defend our nation at Ft. Meade.


The Fort Meade Alliance Foundation increased its donor base by 102% from 2017 to 2018.

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