Due East equips leaders to strategically grow their organizations and impact.

Our co-creative approach engages your organization’s key constituents in actively shaping and executing bold visions for the kind of meaningful, measurable impact that improves lives and communities.

“I am so grateful that we completed our new Strategic Framework with guidance from Due East. It gives us the guidance and focus we need to navigate these tough times and make critical decisions about what work to move forward and how best to focus our bandwidth and energy for greatest impact. The Framework also will help us differentiate ourselves and make the case for why our work is impactful and critical and why our donors and supporters should continue to invest in us in the months and years ahead.”

Melyssa Watson
Executive Director, The Wilderness Society

“Due East is more than a consultant. It’s a partner that embraces and guides your vision and rolls up its sleeves to help you execute. Due East’s team of advisors do much more than advise. They engage.”

Joseph Gill, Former Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources Company State of Maryland

Vision is at the heart of everything we do.

We know that a thoughtfully defined vision – the concise and compelling picture of the change your organization will create or drive – with a well-aligned mission, serves as both catalyst and fuel to spark and sustain momentum. Due East works with your key constituents to develop an inspiring vision, actionable plans and carefully sequenced strategies to achieve measurable results.

How We Can Help

Strategic Planning and Guided Implementation

We target your organization’s biggest opportunities for long-term growth and sustainability. The result is an actionable plan that is co-created and co-owned by the very leaders, partners and supporters you will need to implement successfully.

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Corporate Community Engagement (CSR)

 It’s time to take your corporate philanthropy and volunteerism to the next level. We partner with senior leaders to develop community engagement (CSR) programs that align with your brand and business goals and make a measurable impact in the communities where you operate.

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Fundraising and Campaigns

 From annual development plans to multi-million dollar campaigns, Due East will help you leverage your fundraising to build visibility, organizational capacity and a stronger base of support to drive your organization’s next chapter of growth.

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Cross-Sector Collaboration

Today’s social and environmental challenges are too complex for any one organization or agency to tackle alone. Due East works with community leaders to bring individuals and entities from all sectors – nonprofit, government, business, philanthropy, faith, community, academia – together to develop and implement a common agenda for sustainable community change.

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Leadership and Development Trainings

Our team has effectively led and grown organizations. We know what works. Due East Partners’ various skills-based training offerings provide staff and board leaders with core strategies and tools for fundraising/development, board governance and constituent engagement. From in-person training sessions to online webinars we can provide training tailored to you and offer step-by-step instruction to grow your organization and sustain your mission.

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