Cross Sector Collaboration

Tackle Complex Social and Environmental Challenges

Due East brings proven tools and techniques to help leaders build effective and inclusive cross-sector collaborations that achieve measurable and sustainable results in their communities and across the country.

Mobilize Collective Action for Lasting and Equitable Change

Social sector organizations are increasingly relied upon to address society’s biggest challenges. Due East enables leaders to collaborate with a diversity of partners across sectors – government, nonprofit, business, philanthropy, faith, civic – united by a common agenda, coordinated strategies and shared accountability for results. We bring practical tools, models and experience forging cross-sector collaborations to tackle systemic issues such as literacy, relational violence, homelessness, clewan water and climate change.

Building Capacity of the Backbone

Due East assesses your organizations readiness and helps you prepare to efficiently and effectively coordinate partners, activity, data and communications to maximize collective impact.

Constituent Mapping and Engagement

We help you identify, recruit and engage key system, sector and community leaders, as well as individuals with lived and living experience needed to achieve lasting change.

Driving with Data to Achieve Results

We work with your organization and the collaborative’s leadership to gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative data to inform thoughtful strategy development and drive measurable and equitable population-level outcomes.

Build and Manage Inclusive Collaboratives

Collaborations can be challenging as talented leaders get mired in meetings or thwarted by competing agendas. Yet authentic, inclusive collaboration is essential to make positive change stick. Due East uses proven techniques such as Human-Centered Design to bring all of the necessary individuals and organizations “to the table” as full partners throughout the planning and implementation, including those you are trying to serve.

Co-create a Shared Agenda to Drive Results

With input and feedback from all key constituents, Due East guides your cross-sector collaborative through the development of a compelling vision and common agenda – priorities, strategies and results. We work with your leadership team or guiding coalition to develop a progress framework to anchor its long-term vision in tangible and equitable outcomes and promote shared accountability for progress. Due East translates your common agenda into a sustainable implementation plan to guide and steer program-level work and allow you to efficiently track progress across the collaborative.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The process Due East implemented allowed us to gain feedback through necessary conversations with staff, program participants, Advisory Board members and local community partners to evaluate our program and define a vision and plan to move us forward. With creativity, diligence, patience and attention to detail, Due East provided us a living Strategic Roadmap that will move Family Partnership to the next level and increase our overall impact on the Frederick County Community. ”
Barb May

Director Family Partnership Citizens Services Division, Frederick County Government

“When the Lancaster County Clean Water Partners formed, there was no institutional structure or roadmap for growth.  Due East was instrumental in the Partners’ development of a Common Agenda and Action Plan.  Now just one year later, the Partners are excelling and growing as a recognized entity because they had the necessary framework in place for a successful Collective Impact approach. ”
Julie Hester

Program Director, Civic Engagement, The Campbell Foundation

“Due East was a masterful partner in strategizing and planning each constituent meeting. Paying attention to the roles of board members, staff and community leaders contribute to our success.”
Alli Holstrom

Compliance Director, Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children Youth & Families