Fundraising and Development Planning

Helping you create fundraising strategies to meet your growth goals today and strengthen your organization for the future.

With decades of hands-on fundraising experience for nonprofits and foundations, Due East’s team of seasoned professionals has  helped nonprofits raise over $400 million.

Leveraging Fundraising to Fuel Sustainable Growth

 Through the co-creation of comprehensive development plans, we help leverage your fundraising to build visibility, organizational capacity and a stronger base of support to bolster your next chapter of growth.

Create a Vision for Growth

We guide the development of a bold, yet realistic vision for growth that allows donors to quickly grasp the impact of your growth on the issues they care about and inspires them to invest.

Effectively Engage your Donors

We work with you to provide meaningful and ongoing engagement activities that build and deepen relationships with your donors.

Building Assets

We help you develop and implement short and long-term fundraising goals through plan design, coaching, and effective communication and donor engagement strategies.

Assessing Your Growth Potential

We use our proven 5 Drivers of Growth and Sustainability to assess your organization’s relative strengthens and opportunities and determine the most effective fundraising strategies to attract new donors and diverse, revenue sources. Our assessments include in-depth engagement with key constituents and best practice and data analytics. The result is a customized set of strategic and tactical recommendations on how to position the organization for sustainable growth and impact, including plans for annual fundraising and major campaigns.

A “More than Money” Approach

Too many organizations undertaking fundraising initatives overlook the opportunity to leverage their fundraising activities to further engage key constituents, build visibility for their organizations and missions and a stronger, broader base of support to drive the next chapter of growth. We see it differently. Donor and funder development is about more than just bringing in dollars, it is one of your organization’s best strategic growth tools. We help organizations take full advantage of their fundraising activities to build and strengthen the organization’s core assets, including its brand, constituency, leadership, and impact. We do this through smart design and a “more than money” approach that uses fundraising to transform organizations.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Due East played a pivotal role in helping the Light House grow into the important and respected service provider that we are today.
From capital campaign management to strategic planning to Board retreats, Due East has been one of the key stewards of our explosive growth and success.”
Elizabeth Kinney

Social Enterprise Director, Light House Shelter

“In the first meeting Due East Partners facilitated with our Board members, a switch got flipped. Their confidence level rose Board members felt empowered to dream bigger… and then Due East showed them concrete, real, tactical ways to achieve those dreams.”
Suzanne Etgen

Executive Director, Watershed Stewards Academy